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The origins of the club in Alice Springs are shrouded back in the mists of time, back in the 1950s. The wide open desert sands, mountain ranges, dry rivers and wood- lands naturally attracted the adventurous to fire up their motorbikes and head off into the distance with their mates.

This naturally progressed to forming a track in the late 1950s in the current day western area of Smith Street. Boys will be boys and competition was fierce to see who could ride the fastest, corner the best or jump the furthest.

Town and rail expansion moved the club on in the 1960s to a great sandy site on the bank of the Todd River behind the Arunga Park Speedway. No facilities except the track and shady trees.

The 1970s saw the club growing and becoming more formal when they moved 4km out of town to the Undoolya Road track, and became an incorporated club in April 1973.

A motocross track was designed and constructed – table tops, sweeping berms, huge whoops and stutters, doubles and straights. All set in amongst shady ironwoods and mulga scrub, stony hills and sandy floodouts. A flat track and short circuit was also constructed to the south.

The Undoolya Track proved to be the training ground for nationally renowned desert riders of Finke Desert Race fame. The track is still in use today for unofficial training and recreational riding.

In order to promote local riders into the realms of official motocross sport, The Club joined Motorcycling Australia in the early 1980s. The Club had no land tenure at Undoolya and was offered to move once again in 1985 to a new site way out in the sticks behind the ranges at Ilparpa, 12km out of town. The deal was for the club to have title for 61 hectares of stony hillside and sandy flat, and title was given to the Club in May 1985.

The Club was given a grant to construct fencing, clubrooms, motocross track with watering system and starting gates. A huge amount  of voluntary labour and materials was also put in. A new flat track and short circuit was also built.

In the 1980s and 90s the club has produced nationally recognised Finke Desert riders Mark Winter, Randal Gregory, Stephen Greenfield and 1998 Australian 125cc Motocross champion Craig Carmichael. Stephen Greenfield also won outright the 1999 Australian Safari. 

The introduction of the natural terrain motocross race track in March 2000, saw a 50% increase in rider numbers at motocross events. Sponsorship from many Alice Springs businesses, for our racing season as well as the building program, has been gratefully acknowledged.

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